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Xcel Competitive Team

The Xcel Program is a USA Gymnastics sanctioned program designed to offer a broad-based, competitive alternative to the traditional USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic competitive programs.  The purpose of the Xcel Program is to present recreational gymnasts the opportunity to participate in competition and/or provide Junior Olympic competitive gymnasts the opportunity to continue competition without the intense time commitment.

The interest in this program has grown throughout the country as well as locally in gyms throughout California.  As our gymnastics program here at the Gymnastics Zone has expanded in the last several years, we have re-organized our classes to reflect the needs of our students as they progress.  We feel that offering the Xcel Program option for our students will help them to continue developing and improving their skills.

There are five levels in the USAG Xcel Program; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.  The Xcel Program at the Gymnastics Zone is not meant to be a path to the Junior Olympic program, it is rather an entity of its' own.  However, as this program expands, we may include those gymnasts who have competed in the Junior Olympic program at the compulsory level and would like to experience a basic optional program during their "off" season while they train skills to move up in the Junior Olympic program if they wish.  Xcel gymnasts will have the opportunity to work their way up the levels within the Xcel program.  The criteria to become a part of this program will be by recommendation and evaluation of the head Xcel coach.


~  10 years old and up

~  Attend at least 2-3 practice sessions per week (4-7 hours per week) with a commitment to participate in the program year round

~  Become a USAG Athletic Member

~  Gymnasts must commit to competing in at least 3 meets during the competitive season (January - April)