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Recreational Summer Camp 2019

Gymnastics Zone will be offering 7 weeks of camp this summer! 

Camps are designed by a Napa Valley teacher and Trevor Hoffmann, our new camp director. You won't want to miss the fun! Most weeks offer the flexibility to choose your camp days with either a full day or morning only option. It is going to be a summer the kids will never forget at Gymnastics Zone, so sign up today!

Half-day or Full-day Options (except Ninja Camp which is Full-day only)

8:00 am - 12:00 pm Half Day

8:00 am - 4:00 pm Full Day
Camp Dates:
Monday: The Stars: Learn about the constellations. Design your stars to create your own galaxy.
Tuesday: The Planets: Learn about the planets. Create planets and hang them among the stars.
Wednesday: The Earth: Spend the day learning about the planet that you live on.
Thursday: Space travel: Design your own rocket to travel through the galaxy
Friday: Alien Encounter: Create an Alien that you want to meet during your travels through space along with the alien's flying saucer.
Spend the morning practicing your physical Ninja skills and the afternoons you will focus your mind to learn and create all things Ninja.

Monday: Make your own Ninja headbands.
Tuesday: Design your own Ninja obstacle course.
Wednesday: Make your own (origami) Ninja Stars.
Thursday: Make your own Pool Noodle Nunchucks
Friday: Teenage Mutant Ninja... Amphibians

Monday: Ocean Mammals: Learn about whales, dolphins and other warm-blooded creatures that inhabit our oceans.
Tuesday: The Coral Reefs: Coral Reefs are where many ocean creatures call home. You'll learn all about them. 
Wednesday: Sharks: They may seem scary, but sharks are fascinating creatures and you will fins out way.
Thursday: Sea Turtles: Sea Turtles can live a very long time.  Find out how long and more about these fascinating creatures.
Friday: Jelly Fish: One of the most beautiful creatures in the sea. Learn about them and even make your own.

Adventure Awaits in this exciting camp week!
Monday: Adventure Prep
Tuesday: Pyramid Adventure
Wednesday: Jungle Adventure
Thursday: Search for Gold
Friday: Sunken Treasure

Your acceptance letter has just arrived! Come enjoy crafts, contests, spells, and mystery at the Zone's Magical Academy!
Monday: House Sorting
Tuesday: Make your own Magic Wand
Wednesday: Broomstick Racing Tournament
Thursday: Potent Potions and Sorcerous Science
Friday: The All-Wizard Awards

Stretch your strength and test your courage! This is the fun way to find out what it takes to be a real life superhero!
Monday: Gear-Up! Create A Superhero Costume and Gear!
Tuesday: Save the City! Super Challenges
Wednesday: Super Stories: The Hero's Journey
Thursday: What makes a Hero?
Friday: Hero Appreciation Ceremony!

AUGUST 5-9, 2019

Your favorite activities will return to GymZone this week! The themes and games most loved by our campers will return this week for a victory lap! Don't miss it!
It is going to be a summer the kids will never forget at Gymnastics Zone. Sign up today! 
Follow our Facebook/Instagram accounts @napagymnasticszone for more information! 

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