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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thank you, Paul - We miss you

Last Thursday, April 9th, the Zone suffered a great loss - Mr. Paul Johnson, founding partner of the Gymnastics Zone passed away.

For those of you that knew Paul, you realize what a devastating loss this was for both the gym and its members.

Paul worked tirelessly with Margaret to make sure that all of our gymnasts got whatever it was they needed to be successful.  When the gym needed new equipment, he made sure we got it.  When we needed more space, Paul secured the space next door to allow us to expand into one of the largest gymnastics training facilities in northern California.  If we needed it, Paul worked with Margaret to make it happen and for this we are infinitely thankful.

Paul loved the Zone, it was his second home and he truly enjoyed watching the gymnasts progress and have fun - you could often find him standing by the bleachers drinking in the action.  The team girls loved Paul, and it was not uncommon to hear entire teams of girls yelling "Hi Paul!" from across the gym - and he loved it, responding with a wave and a smile.

Our staff have put together a small memorial on the window of the pro-shop with photos and memories of Paul and how much they will miss him - please stop and take a look next time you are in the gym.

Thank you, Paul for all you have done for each and every one of us - without you, gymnastics could have never been a part of Napa as it is today.  Without your unending support and dedication to our community, we could not possibly become the world-class facility that we are.  You will live forever in our hearts.  You are greatly missed.

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