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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lady Luck shines on Napa gymnasts

Competitive gymnasts train long hours for long years in the gym to get to the optional level of gymnastics — a level that allows them to perform routines that showcase their most impressive skills. Another perk of optional level gymnastics is international competition — a chance to go head –to-head with the best gymnasts from all over the world.

The five optional level gymnasts from the Gymnastics Zone got that opportunity last weekend when they competed in the Lady Luck Invitational hosted by Browns Gymnastics and held at the South Point Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nev. This was a qualifying meet for the Nastia Liukin Cup for level 9 and 10 gymnasts. The gymnasts from Napa competed against more than 1,200 gymnasts from every part of the country, including girls from Australia and Canada and finished in top spots.

Read the rest in the Napa Valley Register.

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